14 Day Guide for a Good Sex Life Day 2 and 3.

We continue this guide for a better sex life with Day 2.

Take a long morning with your partner.
Stay in bed in the morning.
Turn off your alarm at 8.30 and take a moment to look at the eyes of others, to smile, to overturn.
Speaking is not the only way to communicate with your partner, to make the most of every moment you have to show each other how you feel.

Say goodbye.

For a better sex life, you should learn to say PA or Goodbye in a proper way.
For most people, a simple “goodbye” or a kiss on the cheek has become normal before going to work in the morning or going out in the evening – it has become a routine like toothbrushing or morning coffee, but really It should not be.
Goodbye, it’s time to show your partner how you feel and to remind them of you for the rest of the day.
Take time to say goodbye before you or your partner leave for this day.
With a long and passionate kiss.
Apply your passion throughout the day and get the passion back.

Sexy dress.

You do not have to wear sexy and expensive lingerie to be sexy, but try to make a little effort when you’re around the house or getting ready for bed.

14 Day Guide for a Good Sex Life Day 2 and 3.

Be subtle but sexy.
Instead of dressing the old and old shirt that you used in bed for the whole week, you wear something that says “I think we deserve”.
Make the difference.

We continue this guide for a better sex life with Day 3

Morning sex.

Morning is important for a better sex life.
Even if you are tired, even if you do not feel the best in the morning or if you want to go to work early, in the morning, sex makes sense.
Cortisol level is at the highest level of the morning and definitely matters for a good sex life.
Then, after sex, you will release other hormones that will make you feel good for the rest of the day.

Make the bedroom a place for sleep and sex.
Your bedroom should not be for anything other than sleep and sex.
Get away from other distractions like TVs, phones, and technology.
Make your place in the bedroom you are looking forward to going.
All that might be needed are soft and beautiful sheets and new pillows.
Make sure to make your bed every morning and get rid of the crowd or disorder.
Keep the order in the room.

Talk dirty.

Sometimes a bit of naughty discussion can really be what you need to get the excitement back into the bedroom.
Even if you are not completely comfortable talking dirty, do a joke.
Have fun with your partner.
Discuss the list of sexual desires.
You do not want sex life to become boring, so keep things interesting!
Enter new positions.
Insert sex toys.

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